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          Business and servicePartners

          Through years’ development, CLNG has become a domestic leading and an important international LNG shipping player, with an investment of 6 LNG Transportation projects, involving a total of 21 LNG vessels, which have all been delivered by end of 2019. CLNG has extensive international LNG shipping operation experience, mainly engaged in LNG vessel investment, management and supervision, and providing corporate service for 15 SPVs.

          LNG Ship Investment

          CLNG is a professional LNG ship investment platform under COSCO Shipping Group and China Merchants Group. So far, it has invested a total of 21 LNG carriers (including 11 Arc7 LNG carriers). CLNG will continue to devote to the development of new LNG projects under the guidance and support of shareholders.

          LNG Ship Management

          CLSICO is china’s first specialized LNG ship management Company. As CLNG’s ship management arm, CLSICO are managing the first 6 LNG carriers built in China. CLSICO tasks to operate LNG ships to the highest international standards while supports the development of the LNG industry in China.

          LNG Ship Supervision

          CLNG has abundant LNG ship supervision experience. The technical team initially worked with STASCO on supervision of 5 Membrane type LNG carriers and independently conducted the supervision of 1 Membrane type LNG carrier. In addition, it cooperated with international supervision team and closely followed up the supervision for the shipbuilding of Arc7 LNG carriers.

          LNG SPV Services

          CLNG provides corporate services( including accounting, budgeting, fund management, administrative and insurance arrangement) for 15 SPVs and financing service for 6 SPVs.