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          Established in 2004, CLSICO is china’s first specialized LNG ship management Company. As CLNG’s ship management arm, CLSICO are managing the first 6 LNG carriers built in China. CLSICO has a professional management team resourced by a combination of Chinese and Western professionals, on shore and at sea, tasked with managing LNG ships to the highest international standards. With office staff and sea staff becoming steadily more experienced and its management systems fully matured, CLSICO has become a safe and efficient LNG ship management company. CLSICO aims to proactively enlarge its managed fleet in the international flagged LNG shipping market, serving Chinese import projects, and is committed to providing its customers with safe and reliable LNG ship management services.

          1. 01 Comprehensive Integrated Management System
            • Full compliance with ISM, ISPS and MLC
            • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification
            • Emphasis on simplicity and clarity
            • Focus on continuous improvement
            • Endorsed by Oil Majors, as evidenced by: TMSA/Management Review SIRE inspections
          2. 02 Diversified manning strategy
            • CLSICO is committed to a manning strategy based on a mixture of Chinese and Western sea and shore staff.
            • Over 300 sea and shore staff
            • Highly capable sea staff are CLSICO’s main asset, including 50 experienced ex-BP and ex-Shell senior officers , Chinese officers at all levels including Master and Chief Engineer
            • Effective Chinese cadet programme, laying a solid foundation for fleet development in the future.
          3. 03 CLSICO safety index improves continuously            
          4. 04 Fleet SIRE results maintains at high standard within LNG Shipping Industry
          5. 05 Ships’ performance remains competitive among international LNG shipping industry
            • Through dedicated maintenance and technical upgrading, the fleet technical performance has been steadily enhanced in the past few years.