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          Fleet profile

          As of December 2019, CLNG owns a fleet of 21 vessels (including 11 Arc7 LNG carriers), which have all being put into operation. As the floating pipeline, they continuously deliver safe and stable transport service for our customers.

          Project Vessel Name Capacity Yard Delivery Charterer
          Guangdong LNG Project Dapeng Sun 147,236 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard 2008-04-03 Guangdong Dapeng LNG
          Dapeng Moon 2008-07-10
          Dapeng Star 2009-12-10
          Fujian LNG Project Min Rong 2009-02-24 CNOOC-Fujian LNG
          Min Lu 2009-08-13
          Shanghai LNG Project Shen Hai 2012-09-20 Shanghai LNG
          PU Project Pan Asia 174,000 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard 2017-10-13 Shell
          Pan Americas 2018-01-31
          Pan Europe 2018-06-29
          Pan Africa 2019-01-08
          Yamal DSC Project Boris Vilkitsky 172,610 DSME 2017-12-26 Yamal Trade
          Fedor Litke 2018-01-08
          Georgiy Brusilov 2018-12-10
          Boris Davidov 2019-01-18
          Nikolay Zubov 2019-02-22
          Yamal TC Project Eduard Toll 2018-01-12
          Rudolph Samoylovich 2018-09-06
          Nikolay Yevgenov 2019-06-03
          Vladimir Voronin 2019-08-09
          Georgiy Ushakov 2019-11-06
          Yakov Gakkel · 2019-12-04

          Specifications Guangdong/Fujian/Shanghai Project PU Project Yamal Project (Arc7)
          Length Overall 292M 290M 299M
          Breadth(Moulded) 43.35M 46.95M 50M
          Depth(Moulded at side at main deck) 26.25M 26.25M 26.5M
          Design Draught (Moulded) 11.43M 11.50M 11.755M
          Scantling Draught (Moulded) 12.33M 12.50M 13.00M
           Cargo Tank Type x Quantity GTT No.96 x 4 Tanks GTT NO.96 x 4 Tanks GTT NO.96-GW x 4 Tanks
          Deadweight 68,938 T 80,480 T 79,880 T
           Cargo Tanks 147,236 M3 174,000 M3 172,610 M
          Main Steam Turbine MCR x RPM 27,300 KW x 83 RPM 23,400 KW x 69.1 RPM 39,600 KW x 108 RPM
          Propulsion Duel fuel steam engine propulsion TFDE electric propulsion DFDE+Azipod  electric propulsion
          Design Service Speed 19.5 Kn with 27% Sea Margin 19.5 Kn with 20% Sea Margin 19.5 Kn with 21% Sea Margin
          Boil-off Gas Rate ≤0.150%/Day ≤0.145%/Day ≤0.130%/Day