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          CLNG Held 2022 Annual Meeting


          On 4 March 2022, CLNG convened 2022 Annual Meeting in Shenzhen. The meeting was chaired by Chief Financial Officer Wu Jianshi. Deputy General Manager Shu Binglin conveyed the spirit of China Merchants Energy Shipping's 2022 Annual meeting, and General Manager Chen Ping conveyed the spirit of COSCO Shipping's 2022 Annual meeting, as well as the spirit of Hong Kong on-site work group meeting for pandemic prevention and control.

          Chen Ping delivered CLNG’s 2022 work report, summarizing the major accomplishments including steady profit achievements, effective epidemic prevention and control, fleet’s stable performance and management refinement. Chen Ping pointed out that in 2021, correctly guided by the board of directors and with joint efforts of all employees, on the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control, CLNG fully devoted to the development of international and domestic LNG transportation projects, focused on the safe operation of all ships as expected, successfully achieved major targets and tasks as assigned by the board. In 2022, CLNG shall act on the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, firmly implement the spirit of shareholders’ annual meeting, persist in effective routine Covid-19 control, try its utmost to ensure fleet’s safety production and take solid steps in new projects development. In addition, CLNG shall steadfastly advance reform of Personnel, Labor and Wage Systems, build the core competitiveness of LNG sector, seize the golden opportunity of carbon goals and achieve high-quality development.

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